Ajijic is a town about 3 miles west from the town of Chapala, 23.9 miles south of the Guadalajara International Airport, in the State of Jalisco, Mexico. It is situated on the north shore of Lake Chapala, surrounded by mountains. Ajijic enjoys a moderate climate year-round. The population was 11,439 as of the 2020 census.

July 1-2

The Malecón de Ajijic

La Victoria guest house, upper garden suite.

Ajijic is located 1,538 metres (5,046 ft) above sea level in Mexico’s Volcanic Axis also known as the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt. The Chapala Lake basin has a year-round average temperature of about 19 °C (66 °F). On my first day traipsing around, it never crossed my mind to worry about the sun. 

There is increased UV radiation exposure with altitude, because the atmosphere is thinner and doesn’t filter out UV radiation as well. This heightened exposure can lead to quicker and more severe burns. At altitude, the cooling effect of wind can mask the sensation of burning, leading people to underestimate their sun exposure until it’s too late.

July 3

I named this little orphan “Poquito”

Mexico. Si te gustan los perros.

Someone asked me, “is that your dog?”

“No mi perro,” I replied.

Plaza Principal de Ajijic

July 4

La Victoria is a Mexican style guest house centrally located 1 block south of the carretera and 4.5 blocks east of the Ajijic plaza offering  six serviced units to rent for short and long term stays: three apartments, a studio apartment, and two rooms with en suite bathrooms.  I am staying in the 1 bedroom Upper Garden Suite. It’s a fabulous, welcoming place. The proprietor, Colin, is gracious and helpful.


July 5

It was a bit warm today. A dog day.

July 6

Photo courtesy of “traveler’s disease.”

July 7-8

And now for a little bursitis from walking way too much wearing sandals…

July 9

Lago Chapala inglés Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Charlie Cook Band with guest performer (my friend) Louie Andrade.

July 10

Ajijic en bicicleta.

July 11

The Bicycle Ride.

Photos taken at 50 C. Ignacio Zaragoza looking East and West.

◭  An uphill treck in the Fraccionamiento Villa Nova ending at Calle Manglar. 

⧩  During the bicycle ride to Jacotepec, looking North to the mountains. 


El fin.

July 14

View from the front porch, Andrade residence.

View looking North from La Victoria upper garden suite. ⧨  

July 15 & 16

An image-bereft couple of days here in Ajijic. Days for working to pay the bills. Speaking of bills, here’s a little bit on the the cost of livng in Ajijic:

Grocery items – anything from the US – same price or higher than US.

Fresh items – 20 to 40% cheaper. You can pay $5 for a can of Campbell’s Soup, or you can buy a NY strip steak for the same price.

A bottle of Coke – $19 pesos ($1.05)

A bottle of Corona – $24 pesos ($1.33)

I am told electricity is inexpensive. Partly because you don’t need a lot for heating or cooling. But a lot of gringos have AC. La Victoria doesn’t. At least during my stay, it really hasn’t been needed.

July 17

How to wait out a deluge.

July 18

Monster Coffee, owned by two young guys who are brothers.

July 19

The Ride to Chapala.

Back in Ajijic.

July 20


July 21